Revolutionizing Fitness: Drexa Sports App's Impact on Boxing Training

Product designer:
Chidi Anyanwu (@_ChidiAnyanwu)
Year: 2023
Mobile application
The Challenge

By harmonizing user insights, innovative design principles, and a relentless focus on user needs, we created an immersive and engaging app for Drexa.
This not only met the challenge of facilitating boxing class bookings, personal training sessions, and progress tracking but also elevated the fitness experience for users, encouraging them to strive for their fitness goals with renewed enthusiasm.

Understanding User Needs

Our journey commenced with a deep dive into understanding user preferences, pain points, and aspirations. We conducted extensive user interviews, surveys, and usability tests to comprehend the nuances of our target audience—boxing enthusiasts, fitness novices, and individuals seeking personalized training experiences.

Defining objective

Armed with valuable user insights, we set clear objectives:

Intuitiveness: Prioritize simplicity and ease of use to ensure users can effortlessly navigate the app.

Engagement: Design an interface that captivates users, encouraging frequent interaction and fostering a sense of community.

Personalization: Provide tailored experiences, catering to varying fitness levels and preferences.

Progress Tracking: Enable users to monitor their fitness journey, track goals, and witness tangible progress.

Crafting the UI/UX

User-Centric Design: Every interface element was meticulously crafted with user needs at the forefront. Clear and intuitive navigation was central to the design philosophy.

Interactive Features: Engaging elements such as interactive schedules, progress charts, and personalized recommendations were integrated to enhance user engagement.

Seamless Booking Experience: Simplified the process of booking classes and personal training sessions, ensuring a hassle-free reservation system.

Visual Appeal: A vibrant yet user-friendly color palette and visually appealing elements were employed to create an inviting and energizing atmosphere within the app.

Addressing challenges

Information Hierarchy: Balancing the presentation of various features like class schedules, trainer profiles, and progress tracking tools without overwhelming users.

Complexity Simplification: Condensing intricate fitness data into digestible and motivating insights without sacrificing depth.

Platform Consistency: Ensuring a cohesive experience across multiple devices and screen sizes for seamless usability.


The result of our design endeavor was an immersive, user-centric app that fulfilled user expectations and beyond:

Enhanced User Engagement: Users were captivated by the seamless navigation and interactive features, leading to increased app interaction and frequent usage.

Improved Retention: The personalized experience and progress tracking tools motivated users to stay committed to their fitness goals, fostering long-term app usage.

Positive User Feedback: User reviews and feedback highlighted the app’s ease of use, visually appealing interface, and effectiveness in aiding their fitness journeys.

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