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I'm Chidi, your startup dream-weaver! With Product design magic and Webflow skills, I'll make your assets shine, boost your funding success, and empower your team.

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Featured projects

Debbo Africa

Developing a solution that connects African women to specialized healthcare services, ensuring their unique needs are met

Webflow development


Designing the solution for everything you need to organize, plan, and manage your financial life

UX design


All-in-one design to track and organize your assets, and say goodbye to the stress of estate planning

UX design, Webflow development


A website redesign for an ecommerce agency and offline distributor for the China market.

UX design, Webflow development


Development of Eden360's website, a startup that provides a simple & safe way for sending & receiving money.

Webflow development


A bike rental app designed to help people commute in Lagos

UX design

From pixels to possibilities since 2019, my design journey is fueled by empowering visionary founders.

Testimonials that warm my heart:

Advanced Figma

I've spent years fine-tuning Figma skills, From wireframes to pixel-perfect designs, I've got you covered.



What are your strengths and weaknesses?

In the realm of User Research, I flourish, armed with a psychology degree that empowers me to decipher and anticipate user behavior through insightful research. My Graphic Design background bolsters my UI expertise, while my proficiency in prototyping and user testing drives innovation.
However, I humbly admit that my weaknesses lie in crafting Illustrations and iconography, areas where I eagerly seek growth and improvement.

How do you approach user experience design in your portfolio projects?

Embracing the agile methodology, I thrive in sprint-mode, rapidly prototyping and testing ideas to create user-centric products in collaboration with startups. This flexible approach guarantees quick iterations, efficiency, and the power to adapt swiftly to ever-evolving needs.

How do you collaborate with clients during the design process?

At the heart of every successful project lies collaboration. With a belief in transparent communication, I actively involve clients throughout the design process. Regular meetings, progress updates, and feedback sessions ensure that we walk hand in hand, aligned on the project's direction, and bring your vision to vibrant life. Together, we'll create something truly remarkable!

Can you showcase examples of responsive web design in your Webflow portfolio?

Absolutely! In my Webflow portfolio, you'll find examples of responsive web design projects. I prioritize designing websites that adapt beautifully across all devices, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable user experience for both desktop and mobile users.

Why do you need me?

Because Your Startup Deserves Design Magic! Let's Elevate Your Vision.