Take Control of Your Wealth: See All Assets in One Place and Enjoy Stress-free Estate Planning.

Product designers:
Olamilekan Salawu (@tz_olamilekan)
Chidi Anyanwu (@_ChidiAnyanwu)
Year: 2023
Android, iOS, Web application
Business goals met

Enhanced User Engagement: The intuitive and comprehensive asset management system resulted in increased user engagement and prolonged app usage.

Improved Retention: The redesign positively impacted user retention rates, with users finding the new interface more appealing and functional.

Increased Trust and Security: Strengthened security measures improved user trust and encouraged more users to rely on Twinku for their asset management and estate planning needs.

Problem Identification:

Twinku faced several challenges before the redesign:

Fragmented Asset Management: Users struggled to oversee and manage their diverse assets across multiple platforms, leading to inefficiencies and oversight.

Complex Estate Planning: There was a lack of streamlined solutions for organizing and passing on digital assets, making estate planning convoluted.

Outdated User Experience: The previous interface lacked user-friendliness, hindering user engagement and retention.


Research and Analysis: Conducted extensive user interviews, market analysis, and competitor benchmarking to understand user pain points and industry trends.

Defining Goals: Collaborated with stakeholders to establish clear objectives—enhancing user experience, simplifying asset management, and ensuring robust security measures.

Design Process:

Information Architecture:
Reconfigured the app's structure for intuitive navigation and consolidated asset management.

UI/UX Redesign: Created a cohesive design language for the mobile app, web app, and website to ensure a consistent and delightful user experience.

Prototyping and Iteration: Iteratively refined prototypes based on user feedback and usability testing.


Webflow Implementation:
Leveraged Webflow for rapid development, ensuring responsive and visually appealing web experiences.

Backend Integration: Seamlessly integrated with banking APIs, fintech platforms, and cryptocurrency exchanges to aggregate user data securely.

Testing and Validation: Conducted rigorous testing to ensure the reliability, security, and usability of the revamped platforms.

Solution Implementation:

Unified Asset Management: Introduced a centralized dashboard for users to monitor and manage all their assets in one place, simplifying their financial oversight.

Streamlined Estate Planning: Incorporated a feature for users to organize and designate beneficiaries for their assets, facilitating seamless estate planning.

Enhanced Security Measures: Implemented robust encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication to safeguard sensitive user information in the digital vault.

Improved User Experience: Redesigned interfaces prioritized user-friendliness, resulting in increased engagement and retention rates.


The collaborative effort between design, development, and strategic implementation successfully addressed user pain points, aligned with business objectives, and positioned Twinku as a reliable, secure, and user-friendly platform for comprehensive asset management and estate planning

Significant growth oppurtunities

After running user testing, we discovered a strong demand for additional features. This was a sign that the product could diversify into new markets if we were willing to make the investment, and it presented us with significant growth opportunities beyond our initial target audience.

Here's what the founder/CEO has to say

I have had the pleasure of working with Chidi and I can confidently say that he is a true asset to our team. He creates designs that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional.

- Oluwafemi Ademilua (